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The Complacency Trap

When a goal is achieved in your team or organisation, what happens next?


It’s natural to want to recognise and celebrate achievements. Acknowledging a job well done is a vital part of the process of development.


But there’s a risk: complacency.


If we focus too much on what’s done, we often forget about what’s still to do. We look back, rather than forward to the next job, and the next goal.

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Stop Being Busy, Start Being Focussed

If I were to ask you how you are, what would you say?

I suspect there is a strong possibility your answer would include the word ‘busy’. Most of us feel busy and we see being busy as a positive thing. If you’re busy, that must mean you’re productive, useful and high-achieving. If you’re not busy, what are you doing with your time?

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Forget Resolutions. Embrace Possibilities and Create Your Vision

In the words of Mary Chapin Carpenter, "I dwell in possibility on New Year's Day”. At the beginning of the year, we feel everything is open to us. The year stretches ahead of us, full of hope and opportunity.

There will always be goals we want to achieve. Indeed, they’re usually a vital part of measuring achievement and performance. But for those goals to mean anything, they need to be tied to a vision of success.

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The Feedback Loop

If no-one knows what you’re doing, they might think you’re doing nothing at all. That’s where the feedback loop comes in.

The feedback loop builds relationships and strengthens teams. Individuals feel valued and leaders throughout the organisation know who is especially good at doing what. Rather than being a fleeting moment, feedback gains momentum and has a long-lasting impact.

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Two Little Words: The power of thank you

When did you last say thank you? The chances are, it wasn’t long ago.

Most of us say those two words many times a day: buying a coffee, arriving at a meeting, eating dinner. 

We say it often, but what does thank you actually mean?

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Change management – time for a change?

We hear mantras like ‘Change is constant’ and over decades, the consultancy industry has boomed in the quest to help organisations to ‘manage change’.

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