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Gender equality in leadership: the key to intelligent working

The facts on gender imbalance in leadership at work make for stark reading:

·      Globally, women hold less than a quarter of all senior roles. This has crept up by 1% in the past year, and just 6% since 2004

·      In small and medium enterprises, 21% are led by women[1]

·      Just seven FTSE 100 companies have a female CEO, and there’s just one in the top 50 – Emma Walmsley of GlaxoSmithKline

·      In fact, there are more men called David (9) who are FTSE 100 CEOs than women

·      In Ireland, just 14% of CEOs and COOs are women

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The Complacency Trap

When a goal is achieved in your team or organisation, what happens next?


It’s natural to want to recognise and celebrate achievements. Acknowledging a job well done is a vital part of the process of development.


But there’s a risk: complacency.


If we focus too much on what’s done, we often forget about what’s still to do. We look back, rather than forward to the next job, and the next goal.

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Innovators and creatives are often spoken of as if they are members of an exclusive club that only they, as naturally talented people, can belong to. This is a damaging misconception.

“Creativity is not something we either have or don’t have. It is a skill that can be learned, trained and developed, just like any other.” Edward De Bono.

Anyone can be creative. And to really succeed, the ability to be creative and inventive is essential. It’s how we move from where we are now to where we want to be.

What is innovation?

Innovation is the implementation of ideas, and usually, they will be ideas that increase revenue. This can be either directly, in terms of additional purchase of products or services, or indirectly, in terms of enhanced customer experience which generates greater long-term loyalty and recommendations.

There are many ways to innovate. Some innovation is intentional and planned. But there is also innovation through unintended consequences and seizing opportunities by pivoting from ‘failure’ in another discipline, project or area. Innovation is often, but not always, disruptive.

The role of creativity in innovation

Innovation can be thought of as creativity plus profit. But it is important to remember that definitions of creativity change and are often personal. A small change to an existing product, or the development of a new service may be highly innovative, but not necessarily hugely creative. It is no less effective for that.

How we can help you innovate

We focus on what matters: innovation in action. We’ll work with you to help you create a culture of innovation in your organisation, increasing your own ability to think in an innovative way and encouraging others to do the same.

How do you do this? How do you fill your ideas pipeline and select the right choices among many? How do you get everyone to understand that innovation is their job too?

We can work with you to create a culture of innovation, learn how to fill your ideas pipeline and create innovative teams.

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Women in Leadership

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