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The Connected Leader

When working with leaders to help them become better connected, there are four principal domains in which we work. Each one of these is – quite naturally – connected to the others.

Four domains that may, at first glance, appear to be independent, but in fact influence one another profoundly. Push here and something happens over there. They are the component parts of a unified whole.

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The secret of innovation? Look to the edges

We live in the age of disruption,where apparently left-field, unexpected solutions to problems we thought we had licked can creep up on big, established market leaders, to become noisy, irritating challengers.

To the outmanoeuvred, to the sluggish establishment, the struggle is knowing how to be different and how to change. It’s as if the innovators rewrote the rules of their sector and didn’t tell anyone. It’s like their upstart competitors really did uncover the secrets of alchemy or worked out how to speed up evolution.

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Fill your ideas pipeline

Where do ideas come from?

Does the creative spark happen in a stereotypical flash? Rarely, it more often develops over the long term, arising from a series of connected thoughts and ideas. Fascinating insights are shared by inventors, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs that we are all eager to understand and tap into. But creativity is different for everyone.

“Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside of your own experience” Masaru Ibuka, Founder of Sony.

The value of creativity

New ideas and fresh thinking are important if you are going to future proof your organisation. The needs, dreams and desires of your clients may change: how do you keep up?

A client described this as “if we continue to do what we’re currently doing. we’ll actually start going backwards”. Having the occasional idea is good, but a pipeline full of ideas and a regular, fresh supply of new ones is much better. It allows you to keep creating with less effort.

You already have ideas in your organisation, but you may need a way to allow them to emerge. You need to know how to share your ideas, generate new ones and combine ideas together to produce new ways of thinking.

Does your business spend time looking for and listening to ideas? Are people connected to each other, to the client, to the world beyond work?

How do you make creativity the universal language in your organisation?

Meeting the pipeline challenge

We can work with you to help you fill your ideas pipeline, with a bespoke session designed for your organisation’s needs.

You might:

  • Have a challenge that needs fresh thinking and creative input.
  • Want to work on real-time challenges to generate ideas for a specific task, project or product.
  • Want to send a message to your people that focusing on creativity is something to believe in, rather than pay lip-service to, by working on your own creative challenges or projects.

Once you’ve filled the pipeline, you have to do something with the ideas in it. Exploration and exploitation of ideas are totally different, and we can help you with both.“Our company has indeed stumbled onto its new products. But never forget that you can only stumble if you are moving” Richard P Carlton, Former CEO, 3M Corporation.

Ready to fill your ideas pipeline?
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