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The Connected Leader

When working with leaders to help them become better connected, there are four principal domains in which we work. Each one of these is – quite naturally – connected to the others.

Four domains that may, at first glance, appear to be independent, but in fact influence one another profoundly. Push here and something happens over there. They are the component parts of a unified whole.

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The secret of innovation? Look to the edges

We live in the age of disruption,where apparently left-field, unexpected solutions to problems we thought we had licked can creep up on big, established market leaders, to become noisy, irritating challengers.

To the outmanoeuvred, to the sluggish establishment, the struggle is knowing how to be different and how to change. It’s as if the innovators rewrote the rules of their sector and didn’t tell anyone. It’s like their upstart competitors really did uncover the secrets of alchemy or worked out how to speed up evolution.

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Executive Coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching with leaders (typically senior executives of private and public sector organisations). We’ll act as your independent sounding board, giving you the experienced, objective ear you need to deal with your complex senior role.

We challenge thinking. We will help you find your own style and impact, developing new ways of working and of achieving your ambitious personal and business goals.

We can help you develop the emotional intelligence you need to communicate well, resolve conflicts and solve problems.

Why work with us?

Some of the reasons you might choose to work with us are:

  • You have high potential which you want to make sure you realise.
  • You are taking on a new role or seeking promotion.
  • You have found your progress restricted by specific issues.
  • You want to increase your personal and professional impact.
  • You want support to cope with complex change and turbulent times.
  • You want to built a high-performing, coherent team.

How do we get started?

For coaching to be meaningful, we need to know where you are now, and where you want to be.

We’ll start with our Leadership Brand Assessment: a study of your current reputation, performance and impact (though if you already have good quality information from the people around you, we can use that). This gives us a benchmark to work from and the beginning of a map for our coaching sessions.

What is a coaching session like?

There is no typical session. A coaching session might include work on:

  • Useful and non-useful leadership behaviours.
  • Time and relationship boundaries.
  • Strategic opportunities for the business.
  • Instilling a culture of innovation.
  • How to navigate within a matrix organisation.
  • Increasing resilience in the face of difficulties.
  • Career changes.
  • Goals and performance.

Every session is tailored to your needs, your organisation and your changing priorities over time.

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