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The Connected Leader

When working with leaders to help them become better connected, there are four principal domains in which we work. Each one of these is – quite naturally – connected to the others.

Four domains that may, at first glance, appear to be independent, but in fact influence one another profoundly. Push here and something happens over there. They are the component parts of a unified whole.

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The secret of innovation? Look to the edges

We live in the age of disruption,where apparently left-field, unexpected solutions to problems we thought we had licked can creep up on big, established market leaders, to become noisy, irritating challengers.

To the outmanoeuvred, to the sluggish establishment, the struggle is knowing how to be different and how to change. It’s as if the innovators rewrote the rules of their sector and didn’t tell anyone. It’s like their upstart competitors really did uncover the secrets of alchemy or worked out how to speed up evolution.

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The Connected Leader©

As a leader, you’re ambitious, effective and tenacious. With everything you do, you have an impact. How do you make sure that you continue to have the impact, and the success, you are capable of?

Join our Connected Leader© programme, and you’ll spend valuable time focussing on yourself, your leadership and your future.

Using all the knowledge of leadership in theory and practice that we, Susan Carroll and Greg Falvey have gained in our own CEO-level careers, we’ve designed a comprehensive programme for ambitious leaders who want to increase their impact and future-proof their leadership.

What is a Connected Leader©?

Successful leadership relies on connectedness. How do you become and stay connected to your vision and purpose? To your people and clients? To innovation and results? As a leader, you must invest energy and time into all these areas. Each of them is connected to all of the others: they are the parts that form a whole leadership.

Maintaining these connections is challenging. But becoming a Connected Leader© means being an authentic and thriving leader. Without connectedness, leadership falters.

Connected leaders challenge themselves as well as others. They have a clear vision that includes and develops those around them. They understand that achieving their leadership goals depends not only on their internal desires, but on their connections with people and ideas.

What happens on the Connected Leader© programme?

It is a four-module programme run over the course of 5 months. Each module includes a day of practical exercises, theory, discussion and self-reflection.

You will receive an individual interview before the first module, in which we will talk about where you are now, where you want to be, and set outcomes for the programme. There will also be work for you to do between modules, and you will have access to a dedicated online resource.

What’s in each module?

Module One: Self Drive.

  • Understanding your place as a leader.
  • Authentic leadership: how to align your leadership style with your values.
  • Techniques to develop your drive.
  • Exploring the links between leading yourself and the impact you have on others.
  • Using tools to grow your capability.

Module Two: The Internal World

  • Understanding the shared assumptions that guide your organisation.
  • Exploring the links between vision, purpose and culture, and how they connect to the success of the organisation.
  • Applying this understanding to your own organisation.

Module Three: The External World

  • Identifying important elements of the external world and complexities in the market.
  • Strategic thinking and strategic leadership.
  • Learning from others’ perspective and experience.
  • Identifying tools and practices you can use to anticipate and address risks.

Module Four: Organisational Drive

  • What drives your organisation?
  • Understanding and responding to undeclared drivers.
  • Identifying areas of strength and gaps.
  • Identifying actions for change.
  • Applying tools to the organisational elements of people, performance and process.

Who is running the programme?

Susan Carroll, Managing Director, Scala Advance.

Susan is an expert in leadership and team performance. She gained 15 years’ leadership experience at American Express before founding Scala Advance. She has spent 25 years working with international teams and leading businesses. Susan has been described as “a masterful facilitator, an engaging speaker and an executive coach who challenges and supports people to achieve their goals”.

Greg Falvey, Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor.

Greg has worked for many years at the director and chief executive level running large and complex operations. He is regarded as a charismatic and successful leader bringing out the best in people and organisations. Over recent years, Greg has also operated and qualified as an executive coach and leadership mentor, building on a history of coaching and mentoring leaders, emerging leaders and non-executive directors.

Who should book a place?

Ambitious leaders at any level, both existing and aspiring, who want to be more effective and more satisfied with their career.

When and where?

The next intake will start in November 2018, with modules held then, and in December 2018, January 2019,February 2019.

How do I book my place?

Please call us on +447712837144 or  use the form below if you’d like to find out more

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