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The Connected Leader

When working with leaders to help them become better connected, there are four principal domains in which we work. Each one of these is – quite naturally – connected to the others.

Four domains that may, at first glance, appear to be independent, but in fact influence one another profoundly. Push here and something happens over there. They are the component parts of a unified whole.

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The secret of innovation? Look to the edges

We live in the age of disruption,where apparently left-field, unexpected solutions to problems we thought we had licked can creep up on big, established market leaders, to become noisy, irritating challengers.

To the outmanoeuvred, to the sluggish establishment, the struggle is knowing how to be different and how to change. It’s as if the innovators rewrote the rules of their sector and didn’t tell anyone. It’s like their upstart competitors really did uncover the secrets of alchemy or worked out how to speed up evolution.

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Building an effective team takes work. A lot of work. It takes teamwork. It also takes time and persistence. Is it really worth it?

Some leaders spend their time on strategy, finance, sales, marketing and operations. Do they really need to build a team to be successful?

“Teamwork is almost always lacking within organisations that fail, and often present within those that succeed” Patrick Lencioni.

Elements of teamwork

Teamwork’s vital elements are creativity, increased learning, insight, strengths sharing, pulling together, building strong relationships and a commitment to working together to succeed.

These are all highly desirable, but difficult to measure. And because they are difficult to measure, they are often not prioritised.

Creating teamwork

Under pressure, teamwork often happens organically. A team pulls together, often working long hours, to achieve a specific goal. But this approach is unsustainable and exhausting.

We can work with you to create the sense of purpose, desire and momentum that you have when highly pressured, on every ordinary working day.

Learn more about how to lead your team, or your team going through cultural change.

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