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Women leaders, be bold!

Boldness is the very quality needed to make your mark in business, to be an effective leader. To become better connected to yourself, your team, and your organisation, you need to be bold.

This framework enables you to be and become bold in the workplace, to achieve and sustain your leadership ambitions.

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Are leaders equipped with 2020 vision?

Eight challenges leaders will need to address in the coming decade

The pace of change in modern business is dizzying, and leaders who aren’t prepared for the challenges on the horizon may find themselves leading their organisations into the history books.In 1958, the average lifespan of a company listed on the S&P 500 stock exchange in the U.S. was 61 years. Today that lifespan is just 18 years – and falling.[1] At the current rate of attrition, three quarters of companies currently listed on the index will have changed in the next decade. The story’s the same in stock markets around the world.

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”  Peter Drucker, one of the world’s most respected management opinion makers.

Culture is a very important, often overlooked aspect of being in business. For any team or organisation to be successful, how we do things is as important, if not more, than what we do.

Your organisation already has a culture. Choosing to make the culture more intentional with the involvement of your team raises motivation, engagement and results.

Changing your culture

We can work with you to create the cultural change you need to produce success.

We’ll start wherever you are. If you need support with your vision, we’ll work with you on that, involving your people with a creative visioning exercise that they can shape and own. If your vision is clear, but you need a strategy to achieve it, we’ll start there.

We’ll engage with you and your people to ensure that there’s a clear line of sight between where you are and where you want to get to. In doing so, we’ll focus on behaviours. Changes in behaviour are essential to support successful cultural change.

Want to discuss your culture change?
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Women in Leadership

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