At Scala Advance, we develop brilliant leaders able to achieve exceptional results. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of our clients, working in partnership to develop strategies for change. We want you to do more than improve. We want you to gain the strength and understanding you need to transform your leadership impact.

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Leading out of the pandemic

In a very crowded, noisy world of opinions on how to think, feel and behave during a pandemic, we offer our observations to you humbly, in the almost certain expectation that it’ll all be different next week, month, year…

Agile, nimble thinking and decision-making has always been the foundation stone of innovation. In 2020 and beyond, these will be the defining hallmarks of future success.

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Women leaders, be bold!

When I was growing up in Ireland, I’d sometimes be told not to be bold. In fact, I’d hear it quite often. Being told not to be bold in my Irish childhood was a reprimand for kicking my brother’s shins or wolfing biscuits without asking. Chided for being bold is a semi playful, gentle term

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What clients say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the vision bite-sized learning. It was a great opportunity to sit back and breathe, think about the bigger picture of where I want our work to be going, and gain some clarity into how we can consider getting there – and how to bring my team along for the journey!”

Manager UK Charity

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